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How Your Baby Grows and Develops in the First 12 Months

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Your newborn babies will show development at rapid speed during her first year of development. She will show different types of development like physical, cognitive, emotional as well as sensual. There are different stages of baby development which take place on a yearly basis. In this article, we are going to cover baby development by month.

Month One

Your baby will be able to gain some strength during her first month. She might also start responding to you and become more expressive. Her ability of vision and hearing are improving. Your baby’s head still needs plenty of support but her muscles of the neck have gained some strength.

Month Two

The biggest achievement of this month is you will be able to see the first lovely genuine smile of your baby.It’s doubtful that your baby might start to sleep peacefully at night but the duration of her sleep might have increased which will give you some time to recharge yourself. Your baby might be able to concentrate now on more detailed and complex designs and various colors. During this month your baby will receive her first immunizations.

Month Three

In this month there is the probability that your baby rolling over. Baby at 3 months old might start babbling. The 3 month old baby development shows that her hip, elbow and knee joints have gained some strength. Your baby might start waving her arms and legs with great enthusiasm.

Month Four

Your baby is now becoming anxious to explore her surroundings. She might get distracted easily now, as a result feeding her might become tough for you. She will gain the ability to distinguish between two shades of the same color and will be attracted by bright colored objects.

Month Five

Baby development at 5 months is that she will be able to express herself much better. She might convey her love towards you by hugging and kissing you. She might hold her arms up in case she wants you to hold her.

Month Six

At 6 months age babies roll over frequently and able to control their movements. Now she might start showing signals that she is keen to start taking solid foods. At this age with consultation from her doctor, you can start giving her solids.

Month Seven

Your baby has developed the skill of using her hands in better condition. She might be able to hold things like two handled cup and can clap her hands. Pay attention for her drooling. During this month your baby might get her first teeth.

Month Eight

At the age of 8 months, many babies start to crawl. During this month baby moves a lot and therefore you must childproof the risky areas in case she bumps and falls. She might start showing symptoms of separation anxiety in case you leave her with someone else.

Month Nine

According to the 9 month old baby development, she might be able to enjoy playing and will start her explorations. She might be near to start her walking, but generally, most babies start walking near completion of the first year.

Month Ten

The babbling of your babies might have got transformed into sounding like real words. Your baby might have started to crawl around the house and in her next attempt she might start taking support from furniture or yours to getting up into standing position.

Month Eleven

During her 11 months, she might have become little bit independent now. She will be able to understand your expressions and simple instructions like that of no and yes. You might start introducing her to books with bright colors and images.

Month Twelve

In case your baby has not started walking by now, soon you are going to witness her walking on her own with little bit support. Now she has also gained quite some strength in her arms and legs that is why she will become naughtier and will love to do a lot of noisier and energetic activities.