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How to Create Good Sleeping Habits in Your Baby

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Many new parents are not aware of the fact that initial days and weeks are very much important to fix and determine newborn sleep schedule. Yes! This is a fact that you can perform baby sleep training once your baby is born. It might be possible that in starting you might face some problems but along with time, your baby will start getting used to his sleeping schedule. In this article, we are going to cover some newborn sleep tips which will be useful for all the parents of newborn babies.

0-3 months

During the age of 0-3 months, your newborn is going to sleep around 18 hours in a day. But at a stretch, he might sleep for 3-4 hours only, as he needs frequent feedings. This might lead to some sleepless nights but as soon as he acquires an age of 6-8 weeks, his sleeping during the day will decrease and he will sleep for longer duration in the night.

3-6 months

When your baby reaches the age of 3 months then he will sleep for 14 to 16 hours during 24 hours time duration. Out of these 14-16 hours, he will sleep 10-11 hours during at night. Other than that he might take 3 naps during the daytime, which might gradually decrease to one nap as he attains the age of 6 months. Six-month-old baby sleeps less during daytime and sleeps peacefully at night for longer duration.

6-9 months

As the baby reaches six months, he needs at least 14 hours of sleep within the duration of 24 hours. He might sleep for at least 6-7 hours at a stretch. Maintain steady timetables for his sleep and naps which will adjust his sleeping timetable.

9-12 months

After attaining an age of 9 months your baby will start enjoying sleep for 11-12 hours during the night. He might nap once or twice a day for about an hour in a stretch. Allow him to get a good amount of sleep as it is very much essential for his overall development.

Sleeping pattern of baby

The sleeping pattern of babies varies as soon as he starts growing. As the newborn is used to sleep for longer duration within his mother’s womb, that is why the newborn babies spend most of his time in sleeping, although they require quick feeding at regular intervals. As soon as he reached the age of six months, the number of times he wakes up in a night for feeding decreases. Decide a particular pattern for sleeping of your baby quite early, as he gets used to that pattern what he observes during the initial days after his birth.

Recognize signs displayed by baby for sleep

The babies can develop their sleeping habits as soon as he attains the age of six weeks. They might display some of the symbols that display that your baby is tired and wants to sleep. Some of them are as follows

  • •He starts rubbing his eyes
  • •He might start whining and crying without any reason
  • •The baby will yawn and will stretch his body a lot
  • •The baby becomes quite and still

Make your baby understand between day and night

During daytime, when your baby gets awake, changes his clothes after bath to make him realize the beginning of a new day. Interact with him while feeding. Keep his room bright and let him hear the daily noises like that of television, radio etc. Spend time with him by playing or interacting with him.

The answer for how to get newborn to sleep at night is that you can change his clothes and make him wear night clothes. Do not talk to him while you are feeding and maintain low light and voices in the room.

Allow your baby to sleep on his own

After attaining the age of 3 months, your baby might develop the ability to sleep on his own. But in the meantime, he needs support from you. How to get your baby to sleep is important, some mothers prefer to stay with them until they fell asleep. In that case, you need to perform it every time whenever he gets awaken. Some mothers feed or rock their babies while making them sleep in that case after initial 8 weeks, he will expect the same behavior later on. Therefore be careful how you are putting a baby to sleep.