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How to Burp Your Baby And Why You Should Burp Your Baby

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Motherhood is one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences for every woman. Feeding your baby is one of the most special and intimate experiences which you share with your baby. Making your baby feel most comfortable during feeding is of crucial importance. A very commonly faced discomfort by most babies is a feeling of gassiness which makes them unable to eat. It is here that burping your baby will prove to be immensely beneficial. In fact, burping your baby is one of the most important aspects of feeding. Your baby can be made to burp in different ways. However, you need to know the exact burping positions which make your baby feel most comfortable.

Here we have for you a quick guide which will help you understand why and how to burp your baby.

What is a burp?

Some amount of air is swallowed by all of us while eating and drinking. This air is usually expelled from the digestive tract through our mouth and this causes burping. Thus a burp releases all the extra gas which is forced into the stomach while eating. Even babies, especially newborns swallow some amount of air while feeding. This gas, which is trapped in their stomach, is released by them through their mouth when they are made to burp.

How does burping help your baby?

Burping your baby is of great importance and it also benefits your baby in a number of ways.

Your baby will swallow some amount of air while feeding. This trapped air in his stomach might prevent the proper digestion of food. Your baby might even feel some discomfort in his stomach. Burping your baby during and after every feed will help in proper digestion and will also prevent any other stomach problems for your baby.

If you know the best way to burp a newborn, then your baby will never suffer from colic pain. Babies suffering from colic pain usually have intense stomach pain. This pain is caused by the excessive trapped gas in his stomach. This pain can be prevented if your baby is made to burp at regular intervals.

Your baby might also not get a good sleep if there is trapped gas in his stomach. Making your baby burp will also help him sleep peacefully.

Your baby’s overall health will improve if he doesn’t feel gassy and uneasy all the time. He will be more active and energetic.

What is the right way to burp your baby?

You need to burp your baby while feeding him and also after every feed. It is very important to know when to burp your baby. At times your baby might feel a little uncomfortable, start crying and pull away while feeding. You need to take a break at that time and make your baby burp.

If your baby is bottle fed then try and make him burp after every 2 to 3 oz i.e. 60 to 90 ml.

Burping breastfed babies is simpler. These babies usually don’t need much burping since they swallow lesser air while feeding. You can make your baby burp every time you switch from one breast to another.

There is nothing to worry if you find your baby not burping and falling asleep peacefully after a feed. It means that your baby has not swallowed that much air while feeding.

Knowing the best way to burp a baby is very essential. There are different positions which can be tried to make your baby burp before deciding on the best position for your baby.

  • You can hold your baby against your chest and rest his chin on your shoulder. You have to give a gentle pat or rub your baby’s back to make him burp.
  • You can also hold your baby up on your shoulder so that his belly is pressed by your shoulder. This pressure will bring out the burp from your baby’s mouth.
  • There is another method where you can make your baby sit on your lap with his face away from you. Support his chest with your hand and hold his chin and jaw with your fingers. Make him lean a little forward and gently pat or rub his back to make him burp.
  • The last method which you can try is by making your baby lie on your legs with his face down. Use one hand to support his chin and jaw. Pat or rub his back using your other hand to make him burp.

You will certainly be able to decide on the best position to make your baby burp after trying these methods.

This detailed guide will most certainly help you understand why you need to make your baby burp and how important it is for your little one. You will also have a fair knowledge about how to go about the entire baby burping process. Understanding your baby’s needs and comfort will become a lot easier now. Feeding your baby will now become an exciting experience which you will surely cherish.