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7 Tips for Confidently Breastfeeding Your Baby in Public

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It is common knowledge that breastfeeding is very beneficial for babies, and mothers are strongly advised to breastfeed their babies as much as possible for their growth and nourishment. But with nursing, there comes a problem of public breastfeeding.

How to breastfeed in public?

So, have you ever encountered problems while nursing in public? If so, here you can find tips for breastfeeding in public areas.

  • 1. Wear a Dress that Helps in Easy Nursing: For nursing in public, make sure that you are wearing comfortable and preferably loose clothes. You can also buy specially-made nursing clothes for mothers which have hidden openings to make breastfeeding easier. A loose-fitting T-shirt is a good option because you can easily lift up one side of the shirt and nurse your baby in public. Look for shirts with hidden flaps because they will let the baby have an easier access to your breast area.
  • 2. Practice in Front of Mirror While at Home: If you are worried about showing a lot of skin, you’d better practice nursing your baby at home in front of a mirror. This technique will restore your confidence that a nursing baby covers your breast area in a very efficient manner. In addition, you should try different dresses to check which you and your baby are comfortable with. You need to experiment because some babies are bothered by some fabric while others are not. Therefore, the only way is to check by trying out different clothes and fabrics.
  • 3. Choose the Perfect Inner-Wear: This one is very important. You ought to choose an easy-access bra. For many mothers, stretchy bras work better because they do not have to undo a snap or any other fastening. Therefore, they can easily pull the cup of their bra and feed their babies. You can also use a nursing bra, it may be helpful to practice undoing it with one hand at home, so that you are confident while breastfeeding in public.
  • 4. Use Cover-ups: For public breastfeeding, you can also use a shawl or any piece of cloth to cover your breast area while nursing your baby. You can easily put the piece of cloth around your chest area and your baby’s head, and you’re good to go!
  • 5. Nurse Beforehand: One very effective strategy can be to nurse your child before going out in public. This way, your baby will probably not get hungry again if you are out for a little amount of time. You can also rehearse at home thinking as if you are in public so as to make yourself comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding in public places.
  • 6. Find Places for Nursing Before You Need Them: When you are out in public, try to pick your spot where you can go and feed your child with ease. This spot can be a corner of a room or inside a booth in a restaurant. You need to look for a place where you can sit comfortably and are less visible to the public. For nursing your baby, find this spot before your child starts crying and you get panic-stricken!
  • 7. Be Confident: Having confidence while breastfeeding your child in public is the most significant aspect. It is your right to feed your baby wherever you are. So, know it! And don’t be afraid of what others are going to say or think if you are feeding your baby in public because it’s your baby’s fundamental right. If you are confident enough, you will be able to carry yourself smartly in public!