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7 Signs that Your Baby Loves You

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There are many ways through which you can show your love for a child but have you ever wondered how can your little ones who are not able to talk will express their love towards you. You might not be able to understand or detect the ways but your child starts loving you right from his birth. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 signs that display that your child loves you.

Eye Contact

You might have observed that your newborn baby keeps staring at your face. In reality, he is trying hard to memorize your face, as your baby has been close to you since he was in your womb, but was not able to see you. Inside your womb, he was able to listen to your voice only. Thus after his birth, whenever you talk to him, he wants to remember how does his mother or father looks like. He might not be able to understand who you are, but he surely knows that you are important for him and reciprocates your child love towards him.

Thinks About You

Another way that explains that your baby love you is , when your baby has acquired the age of 8 to 12 months, he might start experiencing separation anxiety. It means that he starts searching for you whenever he doesn’t find you around. And as soon as you return back to him, he will start smiling. Your baby always thinks about you, even when you are not present around him.


Many mothers think that their toddlers have become naughtier and do not care about them anymore. But it is not so, tantrums are also one of the ways to show love. Your toddler trusts you completely and that is why he let his anger and hurt to be displayed through his tantrums. He might not be able to convey his actual feelings to you by explaining it to you, but through his actions, tantrums and moods he wants you to know that he is not well or fine.

Seek You for Comfort

Whenever your baby will feel uncomfortable, sad or hurt he comes to you for seeking comfort. Your baby might not understand the exact meaning of ‘I love you’ but for them, you are their ultimate source of baby comfort. Before his birth even, your child has always been comfortable when he was close to you. Therefore, for your child, you bring him comfort and peace no matter how old he has grown.


It might not be something exclusive or costly, but sometimes your child can gift you a hand-painted card or a flower or a shining smooth stone. It might not be something that seems exclusive to others, but as a mother, for you, that small gift by your child means the whole world to you. Through these small gestures of your kid, you might realize that how much importance you hold in his life.

Share Time

Your child loves spending time with you; he wants your complete attention when you are near to him. He loves playing with you, watching you, kissing you. For your baby, his complete world comprises of you. He wants to perform his every activity with you and wants your undivided attention and time. He will try to do something unique just to grab your attention.

Seeks Approval

Whenever your child grows up and starts doing activities on its own like drawing, eating on its own or playing a game. He always looks and expects approval from you, whenever he feels like he has accomplished something. He wanted to be praised in case he has done something special or needs your guidance and support if he is not able to do anything.

Thus your child might not be able to convey his love towards you by saying those three magical words. But his little activities and gestures communicate their deep affection towards you in many different ways.