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5 Ways to Soother Your Teething Baby

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The moment you become a parent, a whole new world of experience is open for you. Each new phase of parenting brings a lot of experiences, adventures, and struggles. You would not realize that how soon one phase of parenting proceeds towards the next one. It seems that yesterday only you gave birth to your baby, and today he is having his first teeth. With every phase of parenthood, new challenges keep waiting for you.

Normally as per record, at 6 months of age teething starts to occur. But in some cases, early teething can also be witnessed. Whenever the teething starts your child drools a lot, and tries to bite hard on things. During this phase, when your baby starts getting teeth, he might suffer from fever with teething due to extreme pain and internal changes within his body. However, for a new parent, it becomes an important question how to soothe a teething baby? There is no fixed formula, but in this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways through which, you can soothe teething baby.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for teething babies, but the use of homeopathic medicines has been one of the most effective ways of pain relief for the teething babies. There are many medicines that are available in the form of drops or tablets that can provide relief to the sore gums of the babies.

One more famous home remedy is the use of amber necklace. As amber is a natural pain reliever which has been known and used since ages. It warms against the skin of the baby and releases its magical anti-inflammatory properties which help to enhance the immune system of the baby and fights off other general infections also.

Cold, Frozen and Washed Clothes

You might not be aware of the fact that ice and cold items possess a wonderful ability which numbs the teething pain temporarily. You can soak a dirt free washcloth with clean water and then you can freeze it till it becomes cold. In this way, it becomes an ideal perfect teether for your baby which provides great relief to the severe pain faced by your teething baby.

Teething Toys

While teething babies needs different surfaces to chew on, nowadays there are many toys available for teething which is not only safe or gums but they can also be held easily by your baby. They come in various shapes and designs and can be made up of different types of materials like natural wood to latex or silicone. By chewing on these teething toys your baby is able to get relieved from some of their pain.These toys are safe and hygienic in use and also become an important tool for relieving ache during teething.

Pain Relief Medication

In case your baby is suffering from teething pain, you should visit your pediatrician for proper guidance. You might be able to get the name of some pain relief medications that are ideal for your babies along with the knowledge of proper dosage at proper timings. Some of the pain relief medications that are ideal for your babies teething pain and sore gums are Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Lots of Love

In some cases in spite of all these tricks, your baby continues to feel low and uncomfortable. At that moment your love and support are required as it will not only soothe your baby but will also help him in feeling safe and secure while handling the pain of teething. You might hold him, cuddle him and try skin-to-skin healing. Through all this, your baby will feel much more comfortable knowing that you are at his side.