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10 Common Baby Skin Problems And The Solutions

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A baby possesses very delicate and soft skin which can face serious problems any time it faces slight rash or scratch. As baby skin have to face the elements of an outer world like clothes, baby products, heat and water which might lead to some of the skin conditions. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 common baby skin problems.

1. Expect rashes as babies are prone to it

Becoming mother for the first time, some ladies start to worry about their baby skin rash. But one thing is inevitable; your baby skin will face the problem of rash during its first year. The reason is that human skin serves as a protective covering against all sorts of external elements. Thus it takes a period of one year for epidermis to develop and function properly.

2. Diaper Rash

The area of the diaper is usually warm and damp which leads to the breakout of diaper rashes. You can avoid these skin rashes in babies by regularly changing the diaper and by using petroleum jelly or cream with zinc oxide. Also, allow him to stay naked for some time to air out his bumps.

3. Acne, pimples and whiteheads

Your baby’s face can have some acne, pimples, and whiteheads but you not need to worry. It might vanish on its own within a period of few days. Do not apply anything on them and let them dry on their own.

4. Eczema

This itchy rash of red color is very disturbing. This mostly appears on those babies who possess the history of allergies and asthma running in their families. Mostly it appears on their face but can also appear on elbows, arms or chest. It can also result because of the lotions, soaps and detergents used to wash their cloth.

5. Dry Skin

Almost all newborns have dry skin at their time of birth which peels on its own in the following days after birth. This gets stopped soon but in case you are too much worried about this, you can consult your pediatrician for this.

6. Cradle Cap

It is basically a yellowish and patchy dry skin on baby head. It is present in the newborn babies and does not create any problem for baby. Cradle cap in babies can appear usually during the first 3 months of birth. With regular application of oil and shampooing, this cradle cap gets cured.

7. Prickly Heat

This one is caused mainly due to heat and sweat and is in the form of small pink-red spots. It can be visible on neck, back, armpits and bumps. Maintain your baby in cool and drier conditions by making them wear loose-fitting cotton clothes. Until your baby is 4 months old, avoid use of powder.

8. White Bums (Milia)

These are small white colored spots that are caused by flakes of skin which leads to blockage of oil glands. These mostly appear on nose, and when the oil glands open they are gone in a period of few days.

9. Yellow Skin

As a result of jaundice in newborn baby, the skin color turns yellow. It happens when there is the high amount of bilirubin in the blood. In case you have witnessed yellow skin of your baby, immediately consult your pediatrician for its treatment.

10. Sunburn

There are chances that your baby might be suffering from baby sunburn if he/she is displaying red skin which is hot. You should immediately hydrate your baby by feeding breast milk or the formula. You can also place soft cloth soaked and wrung in cool water on the affected area to provide some relief.